Studio in the Pines  
                                                              Artwork on request by  Carol  Schulte

Artwork by requests

Thank you for visiting!

Studio in the Pines is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction in every thing you will want to purchase from us. This art is my expression of happiness and beauty that is all around us.  Most of the time we are to distracted to notice the little details, but that is what I try to bring out in my drawings.  We have a large variety to choose from:

  • all  of my drawings are from subjects that I enjoy or photographs that customers have asked me to use for reference,
  • you are able to  purchase these drawings in  any size you choose, as blank  note cards,  small gift tags with string attached, as well as many that are       available as laminated bookmarks, 
  • order the exact size you want and/or let me know how large your mat and frame will be,
  • your purchase will be mailed to you at the current  postal rate if you are not able to pick up directly,
  • send me a message to check for individual prices, but some start at low as 50 cents,
  • my mediums range from oil, watercolor, pen & ink, colored pencil, chalk, and my favorite, just plain pencil.

We hope to see you again! Check back often to view new drawings and read updates to our website. There's so much more to come! 

1244 Bauman Columbus MI 48063

Whenever I see someone smile at one of my drawings, I know I was successful!  My idea of art is enjoying the theme, color and memories that my drawings and paintings can bring to either you, your home, or as a gift to someone you are thinking about.

As you can see from the article on the left, I also have an annual art & craft show with over 50 vendors all set up in their tents on the property.  We feature something for everyone's interests, including, art, photos, jewelry, woodcravers, wood burners, yard art, pottery, clothes, wood furniture, and many other fine items.  You will also fine good food, and musical entertainment.  Our show is always held on the third weekend of September but  because of unplanned events, this year (2016), we will not be available. 

Many of my drawings are commissioned work that I have done for customers that have given me permission to reprint for my own sale.  If you have a picture that you would like hand drawn, please contact me for more information.  All of the drawings that you will see in my gallery can be purchased in any size you require and they are also available as blank note cards with envelopes.  Some of the artwork can also be purchased as laminated bookmarks as well as gift tags with string.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave me a message  and I will be happy to get back with you.

Enjoy your tour.